Gender and Social Inclusion

Gender and social inclusion are fundamental aspects of sustainable development, particularly in agriculture and the environment. Women comprise almost half of the global agricultural workforce, playing a vital role in food production and security. However, they often face discrimination and unequal access to resources, information, and opportunities, which hinder their full participation and hinder them from benefiting fully from the agricultural sector.

In Nepal, women constitute around two-thirds of the agricultural workforce, yet they still experience gender inequalities that limit their access to land, credit, and training. Additionally, they must juggle unpaid care work and household responsibilities, further restricting their involvement in income-generating activities.

At CESAR, we recognize the significance of addressing these gender inequalities and promoting social inclusion in agriculture and the environment. We conduct research and build capacity to foster gender-sensitive and socially inclusive approaches to agriculture that acknowledge and address the specific needs and priorities of women, marginalized communities, and other disadvantaged groups.

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Promote equal access and opportunities

We strive to create an enabling environment where women and marginalized communities have equal access to resources, information, and opportunities in the agricultural sector. This includes addressing barriers such as limited land ownership, financial constraints, and lack of training.

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Empower women and marginalized groups

We work towards empowering women and marginalized groups by enhancing their skills, knowledge, and decision-making capabilities. We support capacity-building initiatives that enable them to actively participate in agricultural activities, make informed choices, and contribute to sustainable development.

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Address gender-based violence and discrimination

We recognize the importance of addressing gender-based violence and discrimination in agriculture and the environment. We promote awareness, advocacy, and policy interventions to create safer and more inclusive spaces for women and marginalized communities, ensuring their rights and dignity are protected.

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Foster inclusive and participatory decision-making

We advocate for the inclusion of diverse voices in decision-making processes related to agriculture and the environment. We encourage the active participation of women, marginalized communities, and other disadvantaged groups in shaping policies, programs, and initiatives that affect their lives and livelihoods.

Generate evidence and knowledge

We conduct research and generate evidence on gender and social inclusion issues in agriculture and the environment. Through our research, we aim to inform policies, interventions, and practices that promote gender equality, social justice, and sustainable development.