Research Collaboration Program

Empowering Sustainable Development through Interdisciplinary Research in Nepal

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Opportunities for Students and Scholars

CESAR warmly invites students at all academic levels to partake in research endeavors, including bachelor theses, master theses, and internships. With our team's diverse expertise and focus on interdisciplinary research, students can delve into a broad spectrum of topics concerning environmental and sustainable agricultural research in Nepal. Our seasoned experts are committed to mentoring students throughout their projects, offering guidance from topic selection to project completion.

Comprehensive Research Support

  • Assistance with proposal development
  • Guidance in literature review
  • Support in data collection and analysis
  • Help with writing and documentation

Diverse Research Opportunities

  • Focus areas include climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, gender equity, and more
  • Interdisciplinary approach to research

Mentorship and Guidance

  • Experienced experts providing mentorship throughout the research process
  • Personalized guidance from topic selection to project completion 

Collaboration with Freelance Researchers

  • Welcoming freelance researchers for collaborative projects
  • Support for PhD and postdoctoral research

National and International Collaboration

  • Facilitation of research projects for both national and international researchers
  • Co-writing proposals for international collaborative research in Nepal

Inclusive Participation

  • Opportunities for students at all academic levels: bachelor’s, master’s, and internships
  • Open to researchers and scholars from diverse backgrounds and fields

Focus on Sustainable Development

  • Research initiatives aimed at driving sustainable development in Nepal
  • Commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Accessible Information and Guidance

  • Dedicated support team for inquiries and guidance
  • Open invitation to reach out for further information and collaboration opportunities

CESAR Research Collaboration Program Application Form

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